Week 6 Lineup

Do I dare start both Gordon and Sony Thursday night against the Giants. Both of them have been incredibly lackluster for me all season and it’s been the perfect example of belitricks making it impossible to properly guess who gets the ball. Any thoughts on these two in the Thursday night game. I just feel Gordon is being ranked way too high at 15ish for the week. half point ppr league.

Depends on your depth at WR but I think Sony will have a big day for sure. It’s going to be 30-6 at half time so the Pats will run the ball heavily. Given how porous the Giants’ secondary is, I’m betting on Gordon to score at least one TD. Aside from Buffalo and Washington, the Giants have given up at least 16 points to each team’s WR1 (see attached image). I’m starting Gordon with confidence.

The depth on this team isn’t great I have D. Adams but a lot of people seem to be super weary on him and either have him ranked low or aren’t starting him. Then it goes Gallup, Gordon, Auden Tate, Golden Tate, Maclaurin who I’m worried about with the firing of Gruden I’m not sure what to expect but I may be blowing that out of proportion. At RB Depth is better but more confusing to pick the back end, Gurley, Carson, Sony, D. Freeman, Hyde. We start 2rb 2wr 2flex and I’m 0-5 so I need some magic to start happening

At 0-5 you need to make some bold moves. Here’s what I would do if I was in your shoes:

WR: Gallup, Gordon
RB: Gurley, Carson
Flex: Sony, Freeman*

*I’m with you on the Mclaurin issue. He might shred Miami but it could just as likely be an Adrian Peterson day. Wait for more news and if you like the feeling of Mclaurin on game day, sub him for Freeman. Hard to bench Freeman going against AZ though…