Week 6 start/sit option. Options

Trying to figure out what’s Mo to start at WR in my line up. Anyone have something similar?image image

Jesus how the hell did you get AB+CMC+Gordon!?

And you have Mahomes/Bell/Connor/Brees/Landry/Njoku…

How the hell did you get all those guys!?!?!?

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Honestly that was my draft except for someone just dropping bell after thinking he wasn’t coming back this year so I swooped him off the waivers. Same with mahomes after his first start I just picked him up of the waivers. The dumbest thing I’ve done is drop Kittle which I just did last night for
Njoku. I’m also in a 8 team league.

Would you start Njoku?

These TE are available week 6

Trey burton.

Wow what the hell, how many teams are in your league? How is Engram/Rudolph still available too??

I would say you couldnt go wrong with Njoku because he has been getting lots of targets from Mayfield.
Engram would be a good stash to see if he’s good to go once fully healthy, similar to Olsen.
Rudolph is a consistent and reliable TE for the Vikings (I’m a Vikes fan), and he would be a good option too.
Olsen is coming back from injury, so I’m not too sure, but could be a great target for Cam once he’s healthy.
Brate has a great rapport with Winston, so he’ll get plenty of targets I think.
Trey Burton is pretty hit and miss, and all dependent on if Trubisky plays well.

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@MikeMeUpp check out this dude’s team and the guys available… I’m blown away

It’s an 8 team league. 8 Team leagues are typically pretty stacked but this one is insanely stacked cause someone dropped Bell.

My man, no need to carry 3 QBs in an 8 team league. Especially when you got 2 of the top 3-4 QBs. Go out there and get some more talent off waivers.

Also, don’t think Ridley is worth owning in an 8 man league, waivers are too rich.

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I’m honestly only holding on to 3qbs because I like that I can alternate every week depending on match ups. Also keeps competition away. Brees and Big Ben were my 4 and 5 round picks. We all know what mahomes has been doing so that was cool I was able to pick him up when I did. Although teams are stacked 8 team leagues are hard became every week someone on the waivers is going off haha. I really appreciate you guys feedback. My first year in the footclan and think this awesome! Thanks again homies

I got offered Keenan Allen for drew brees? Giving it’s bye week, do I pull the trigger?

you absolutely pull the trigger on that deal