Week 6 Wide Receiver advice?

Half point PPR.

I am 1-4 and really need this win. My opponent has some heavy investment in the NE game.
I have Julian Edelman in my lineup already and am keeping him in.

My other wideout options are:
-Sammy Watkins
-Cooper Kupp
-Calvin Ridley
-Emmanuel Sanders
-Keke Coutee

Do I bank on a Ryan / Ridley stack and that he gets back on his TDs this week?

I also can’t remember where I heard it but there could be snow at the Denver/LAR game?
That makes me want to avoid Kupp & Sanders.

Yep. Cold in Denver with 1-2" of snow in forecast. (btw, my go to weather site is www.nflweather.com). Makes my want to fade wideouts in that game.

That leaves Watkins, Ridley, and Coutee. Watson being dinged up in Houston has me somewhat concerned about the wrs there - plus I don’t envision a shootout so on that basis, I’d rule out Keke.

That leaves Ridley and Watkins. I’d say, Watkins has the safer floor and Ridley could have the higher ceiling of the two. I’d go Watkins if it were my team unless I was projected to get whooped and needed big upside.

Vegas has Atl game a 57.5 pt over/under and NE game is 59.5 over/under. The two highest o/u totals of the week.

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Thanks for this!

I agree on everything!
I need the win and I have already invested so heavily in the KC/NE game (RB, Kicker, WR) that I am taking the chance on Ridley. I’ll let you know how this works out for me after.
It became a Watkins vs. Ridley question. So I’m going for the Matt Ryan + Ridley stack.

Unrelated: Canadian?
See the Roughriders logo.