Week 7 Defense:

Do I roll with the Bears playing vs. the Patriots at home? The pats offense could put up a ton of numbers.


Do I stream a defense this week and target:

  • Colts vs. the Bills
  • Chargers in London against the Titans
  • Cardinals vs. the Broncos on Thursday Night

im in the same boat, I have the bears but I dont think any D can really stop Brady. I am rolling with the chargers but I could also see myself going with the colts

Bills are going to have Natham Peterman under center. this pleases me. this makes me want to play the Colts.

Chargers seems like a great play as well tho.

You’d roll with both of them over the Bears? Especially after the Bears dud against Osweillier- I’m extremely nervous to start them against Brady.

Im benching the Bears this week hopefully for the Chargers.