Week 7 Flex Help

Hi all,

Having some difficulty deciding on a flex this week, below are my options. Standard scoring. Thanks for any advice!


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Dang, these are some nice flex options to have haha. I’d go Hilton or Drake.

Yeah, 10 man league. Normally I’d go Hilton as a no-brainer, although I’m concerned by the Bills defense anchored by T. White.

And first game back for Hilton. I think Drake has a nice game this week.

I think Drake could have a nice game. But I’ll tell you, as a Colts fan, TY is dearly missed! And if he plays he will get plenty of opportunities.

Im a Colts fan as well. Trust me ik. For fantasy though I think Drake has a better day than TY. Hopefully for Drake owners he does so we can sell high

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I also am a Drake owner, and wish the same thing. We’re not so different, you and I. Haha :sunglasses:

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Haha. I like you buddy.

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these are always the toughest decisions; Hilton practicing fully makes me lean towards him - you could see how much that offense missed him… I’m not actually a huge Drake guy but the match-up against a turrible run defense makes him a valuable flex guy.

Hell, even Freeman this week has some flex value as Arizona…

I’d still be going with Hilton though - I see Luck looking his way A LOT this week

Awesome, thanks all. I think it will be a toss-up for me between Drake and Hilton. Will wait to see if there are any additional setbacks for Hilton or if White will be shadowing.