Week 7 Keep/Trade/Cut, Pump the Brakes, Hype Check

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Fantasy Football Podcast for October 18th, 2017. The Fantasy Footballers are back with a jam-packed episode to prep you for Week 7. First, we Pump the Brakes on some players who have been putting up big fantasy points lately. We tackle the latest NFL News and also do a hype train review, seeing which offseason…

After listening to the show, I decided to put a cheeky trade in for Julio Jones and I offered Diggs. It was rejected, but they countered with offering me Julio Jones and Ertz for my Gronk and McKinnon.

It’s a standard league, what do you think? I’m 2nd in my league.
Squad is Prescott and Wentz qb
WR Keenan Allen, Hilton, Baldwin, Diggs
RB DJ, Hunt, McKinnon and Kelley (buck Allen is on the waivers, I’ve submitted a trade)
Seattle defense.

I like the trade, but considering your lack of RB depth I don’t think you can afford to let McKinnon go. Whether or not you accept it you should def trade for a RB.

Forgot to mention Doug Martin. I have him too. And will fuller.

My thoughts are that Ertz to Gronk is a lateral(factoring in injuries consistentcy ect.) so would you trade Julio for Mckinnon? For me the answer is yes. But I agree with previous posters youare too week at RB so I’d try and trade one of my other WRs for an RB elsewhere then make the deal

just got julio for Murray! im stoked… this is a huge gamble but at the end of the year do you think allen will be better if you really want Julio go big. i try to offer trades that people cant reject