Week 7 Most Droppable Handcuff

Which handcuff do you view as most droppable heading into week 7?

feel free to list others - on my roster I have:

Marlon Mack
Matt Breida
Derrek Henry
Theo Riddick

To me it’s not Breida or Henry especially after last night’s performance. Riddick has a better baseline in PPR but Mack’s ceiling seems higher to me so depends on your team makeup. If you need a bench flyer for big weeks then I hold Mack, if you need more depth then I hold Riddick.

Yes - I see value in all. Just hard to keep them all - when my only bench WR is Watkins.

I also have Fournette, Howard and Martin at RB

I was seriously considering dropping mack until turbins injury last night. Where do you see the value in breida? I’m dropling him immediately - gonna be too long before it pays off, IF it ever pays off.

With Mack - I think Gore’s age plays a factor.

Breida - I suppose I should say “hearing value” opposed to seeing. As trade rumors still are being talked about with Hyde. If Hyde goes, he jumps into the one spot immediately

Same question about brieda. Hyde had another great game and looks to me like brieda will only get much work under injury circumstance