Week 7 Roster Advice

When you have an embarrassment of riches it gets harder to make decisions. Recently made a trade to acquire Mixon and Alex Smith, now I’m faced with RB/FLEX questions:

QB: Alex Smith
WR1: Mike Evans
WR2: Michael Thomas
RB1: Lev Bell
RB2: ??
TE: Kelce
FLEX: ??

I need to choose my RB2 and Flex based on the following players:

Delanie Walker
Doug Martin
CJ Anderson
Joe Mixon
Adrian Peterson
Jaron Brown
Nelson Agholor

I subconciously listed those options in my order of preference so I’m leaning towards Martin and Walker but I’m looking for any additional advice.

Should note, its a full PPR league

I think Delanie is banged up. But if healthy I like those 2 guys

Mixon could be a good play this week. I’d probably go with him and Martin, though Martin has a tough matchup. Agholor could be a good play too. Him, Mixon, and Martin would be my top 3 out of those options this week.

I really want to start Mixon. I’m playing against 1 of the 4 other 4-2 teams and I need a win. I think that Martin is the safe play here. There’s nothing safe about playing Delanie Walker, I can be convinced to start someone else in the flex.

I would not flex a TE when you have better options on your bench such as 4 starting RBs who could possibly all get 20+ touches. Walker would be in my bottom 2, he’s banged up and ques for the game. I’d definitely sit Brown too. Agholor has been a sneaky play this year and going against a banged up WAS D. AP would be a definite start for me, Rams are the worst against the run this year and AP is running with a purpose again now that he’s the lead back. And I’d probably lean towards flexing Mixon. Martin has a tough match up & CJ has slowly been losing touches.

I personally lean Mixon and Martin. Anderson is losing touches to booker and charles, Peterson had one good game so I’m unsure if he can continue what he did.

Wow, so many conflicting ideas. I was really hoping everyone would be like “You idiot, it’s obvious to start Player A and Player B”.

I’m actually going to have to tell you to start Ahgolor in the FLEX. As far as RB2, I would take a chance with CJ Anderson, considering he’s playing a banged up chargers d. Doug Martin would also be ideal for a flex later down the road.