Week 7 trade help two TEs

I’d be giving up McLaurin and Andrews for OBJ

I also have Hunter Henry as my TE and I could use the depth at WR I have Hopkins McLaurin Alshon and Robbie Anderson

Bumping for advice

Or would you do Chubb and Andrews or McLaurin for OBJ and Mack

Yeah I like the swing on OBJ coming off the bye. Either trade is do-able but I’d prefer Andrews to HH ROS.

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So HH and Chubb for Mack and OBJ or
HH and McLaurin for OBJ? You’d do those trades? @SchlaggedReceiver

The first I’d prolly do just for Mack. The second is fine as long as you’re not shorting WR depth and say, absolute worst-case, OBJ busts ROS.