Week 8 2 Flex Options

I have to choose 2 flex players between:

  • L. Murray
  • Raheem Mostert
  • G. Allison
  • Sammy Watkins

Which two would you guys choose?

murray and allison

You wouldn’t choose Mostert over Murray given the Saints run defense vs Cardinals run Defense?

murry and mostert

I would go Colonel Mustard and Allison. It’s looking like Breida probably won’t play, but if he does then I might pivot to Murray.

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I’d say Mostert and Allison.

Mostert because Cardinals give up the most points to the RB and even though he’s not the starter, he’s trending up.

Allison because he’s gonna be involved in a shootout and GB will not be able to run the ball.

Latavius is tempting but I feel like that game’s gonna be a shootout as well and NO doesn’t give up a lot points to the RB.

Watkins is tempting as well as KC will put up points against DEN but I feel like KC will be up early and will run the ball more than pass overall.

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for sure allison. tough call between murray and mostert due to brieda being out this week and cardinals D is terrible against RB.