Week 8 Bye Advice: Lamar and Andrews stack

Footclan, I need some help figuring out what to do about my week 8 bye.

I drafted Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews and they’ve proven to be fantastic values, but having the same bye is going to screw me next week. I’ve tried to trade out of the stack but many of the owners in my league don’t like trading. I’m bracing myself for having to drop two players next week to stream a QB and TE, but I need help deciding who.

My Roster: (12 Team .5 PPR)
QB: Lamar Jackson

RB: Saquon, Dalvin Cook, D Freeman, T Coleman, Miles Sanders, C Edmunds

WR: D. Hopkins, K Allen, M Gallup, R Anderson, W fuller, A Tate

TE: Mark Andrews

Best available QB streamers for week 8 are Darnold and Cousins
Only TE on waivers that seems worthy is Gerald Everett.

Right now I’m leaning Dropping Tate and Edmunds, but I like the potential upside of Edmunds if DJ misses time. I’m trying to put together a 2 for 1 trade to free up some space. Long term I want to stash Darnold. What does the Footclan think?

Definitely see what you can get from trades. Try and throw Edmonds at the DJ owner. And yeah Darnold has a great stretch of games