Week 8 Flex decisions!

Which one would you Flex?

Evans, Kerryon, Chubb, or Cohen? Was leaning Kerryon or Chubb, but Cohen has been producing lately and Evans always has big play potential.

I’d go with your gut. KJ has got it handled back there

Those are some sick options. I have no clue. i think whoever you decide will have most volume which I’m not sure is kerryon?

Yeah I’m looking for volume too. Evans hasn’t had a ton of consistent looks from Winston so there’s that. Chubb has potential for volume but also can be game scripted out of they fall behind early with Pittsburgh’s offense in stride now. Plus I’m playing the Pit DST lol. Kerryon is on a good offense but like you said the volume isn’t necessarily going to be there. The Bears also have a great chance to be ahead quick which could mean more Howard than Cohen to me.
Not sure if my logic is off on any of those but that’s how I see it. My dilemma lol