Week 8 Kicker on a bye who do I drop for the week?

1PPR 10 man league.

Gostkowski is on the bye and he is currently ranked the 4th kicker this season. Do I drop him and try to get him back after the bye or do I lose someone from the list below to cover the week?

Aaron Jones
TY Hilton
Sterling Shepard
Nelson Agholor
Alex Collins
Tevin Coleman

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I’d drop him, but if you really want to make sure you don’t lose him, I’d drop JuJu.

I usually try and package trade 2 people for 1 whenever I need a spot for free agencies so you could try that first


Kickers are just kickers, drop him and try to pick him back up later.

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Thanks to both of your responses. It makes sense a kicker is replaceable. I can always look at match ups later in the season if I can’t get him back.

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