Week 8 QB Stream Options? (opinions)

My every week QB is Lamar Jackson - on a bye next week (8)

The main ones available in waivers is:
J Winston (@ Tenn)
R Tannehill (vs TB)
C Newton (@ SF)
M Rudolph (vs Mia)
T Bridgewater (vs Ari)

Not sure between Winston and Tannehill
Newton: not really considering since he hasn’t played much this year, and it is AT SF
Rudolph - I have Juju so could be a stack option there, plus its home against Mia
Bridgewater - nothing too exciting but manages a game well, and it is home against Ari

Any opinions? Any of these for the week? Somebody totally different?

Darnold couldn’t get any worse. Might be set up well for a bounceback.