Week 8 QB Streamer -- Rivers, Darnold or Brissett

Need a replacement for Dak this week. Strongly considering Darnold despite last night because he’s got a pretty sweet schedule going forward, he’ll have all his WRs plus should also have Herndon back so big bounce back potential, and he couldn’t possibly get any worse. Even with all that, still leaning towards Brissett. Full PPR. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

For one week, it’s not pretty, and you may feel a little wrong about it, but Sam may be your guy.

I’ve got the same issue with Lamar on bye. Who do you think? Stafford v NYG, Cousins(Thursday) v WAS, or Bridgewater v ARI (I also have Michael Thomas)

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They’ve been hyping up Cousins as the guy (along with Edmonds) to add from waivers this week, but with WAS having the best pass D between them and NYG/ARI easily, and with Thielen likely out, I think MIN will be run-heavy this week so I wouldn’t take him. It’s close between Bridgewater and Stafford – I like the stack with Thomas but Peterson’s back with ARI and will likely be shadowing him all game. I’d probably use Stafford.