Week 8 starter: Michael Thomas or Devin Funchess?

Having trouble deciding which of the two I should start.

Michael Thomas has been great most of the season, but hasn’t put up his typical numbers in the past 2 games. Every source I’m reading is saying “expect him to bounce back”, which I don’t doubt he will, but will that be this week against Chicago? Or will it not be until week 9 against the much worse Bucs D?

Funchess, on the other hand, is against the Bucs this week, and while Cam Newton forgot what universe he was in last week, TB’s pass defence is #1 for passing points allowed.

I’m leaning towards Funchess for this week, though I’m still very much on the fence, as I feel like I might be underestimating Brees and overestimating Chicago.

This is a Full PPR, by the way.
Any advice or insights are hugely appreciated!

I would rather take my chances with Bree’s throwing to my WR at home than Cam.


agree, Bree’s the better passer, regardless of defense. If you trust Cam and Funchess will bounce back against a bad TB DST then go for it. I think Thomas is the safer bet, just because Carolina has been so hit or miss.

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You drafted M. Thomas and most likely picked up funches. Start your studs M. Thomas will produce like he has been.

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Alright, the consensus is Thomas, and the arguments are definitely valid.

Thomas it is!

Thanks everyone