Week 9 Buy/Low sell high

Who’s everyone’s Sell and targets to buy week 9?

I just sold Mark Ingram for Diggs…not that it was a sell “high”, but i think people are overhyping him based on his production last year. I think the saints are looking at Kamara as their lead back, with snap split hovering around 60/40. You also have Taysom Hill stealing goal-line touches which further lowers his ceiling.

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That was a nice flip even though you’re taking a bye week.

I bought OBJ off of the Marlon Mack & Sutton hype. Byepocolypse & trade partner’s record helped

My target buy: Dalvin Cook + Gronk + Keenan Allen + Kupp

Yeah… that’s a good start to a list

Buy potentially low: Julio. Sell high: AP.

Buy potentially low also: CMC

Would you rather have Julio or OBJ ROS?

Julio 10000%

I kind of like OBJ schedule ROS…

Why not both?