Week 9 Defense

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering what D to play this week. Colts or Panthers?

My conundrum is that I have Derrick Henry as one of my starting RB


I’d rather have Indy. Rudolph struggled against the Dolphins. The Colts are way better than the Dolphins. Tannehill isn’t great but he’s better than Rudolph.

That’s kinda where I’m at too but I don’t think Panthers let 51 again and they’ve been a good D so far.

Colts for sure. One of Rudolph’s big plays was the Johnson touchdown which i think we all kinda can agree the Dolphins gifted him. The Colts are too good of a team and have too much on the line to make a stupid mistake like that.

I originally had the Colts in my lineup but snagged Browns defense instead since they too are going against a newbie QB.

Awesome! Thanks for the insight!

I won’t drop the panthers because I don’t want another team to get them :stuck_out_tongue:

I am looking at that browns Def too going against an unknown in Denver I cant decide between the panthers and them but i also dont have the option of indy

I’m rolling with the Jets, but i tried picking up Indy for their matchup next week.

I picked up Indy when the Ravens were on bye