Week 9 Outlook, WW, & Beyond... 1/2 PPR

We get PPFD and bonuses for long plays and total carries too.

I am up by 33 points and my opponent has K. Barner yet to play. I feel ok about things now. I should pull to 4-4 and will be in 6th place in the league at this point with 5 more games to play through week 13.

I dropped Taylor Gabriel and Uzomah in order to snag Dallas D and Chargers D for basically the rest of the season (yahoo lets you drop bench players to snag players that haven’t played yet or are on BYE). Dallas is a streamer for next week and then I’ll roll with the Chargers until maybe the Chiefs game providing I am still competing.

My roster looks like this; what can I use to try and get a higher end WR like Julio or Evans? Would DJ Moore or Keke or Jared Cook be a better WW snag this week for dropping the Eagles DST?

Week 9 Roster:

Bailey or Janikowski depending on WW

Wentz - bye
Yeldon - bye
Fournette - bye
C. Kirk - bye
Chargers DST

Eagles DST (to be dropped tomorrow)

Congrats at pulling back to .500. I’m in a league with a similar scoring system so I’ll do my best to help with these questions.

  1. DJ Moore is probably the better WW for this week
  2. As for trading for Julio Jones or Mike Evans, it’s hard to make suggestions as Idk what the other player’s team looks like, I’d try to include Landry as part of the package(sell on the targets, although I personally have run out of patience for Mayfield’s accuracy or lack thereof when targeting Landry) plus whatever your trade partner has need of positionaly.

His roster is below, and draft picks can be traded. I already traded away my 4th and 5th round pick, so I mean I’d rather not ship away the 3rd rounder this year, but you gotta do what you gotta do to win…

T. Hill
J. Jones
E.J. McGuire

Dynasty makes it tougher for me to give advice, but he is definitely in need of RB help. Cohen is probably extra enticing for him as the Howard owner so he can get the whole backfield.