Week 9: RB Trade?

Bell was my only capable RB and he’s on bye which brings the following questions.
Full PPR, 4-4 Record, 12 team league.
I picked up Marlon Mack on waivers this week.

Do I package some players to get an RB2 at least?
Do I just take the loss this week?

What RB’s are available in your league on the waivers?

Well one guy is offering Rob Kelley for Pryor, so theres that RB.
On waivers: Stewart, Ellington, Damien Williams, Breida, Tolbert.
It’s REALLY slim pickings right now.

Ahh that’s tough. I was going to say drop Pryor anyways for a RB but of the guys you have available I may take the trade offer for Kelley. They tried to get the running game going, Kelley with more carries but Chris Thompson gets the receptions. So what If this was me, I would do this. Accept the trade (I personally don’t think Pryor is going to do anything plus he’s your 5th WR), and drop Smallwood since they just added Ajayi and still have Blount. Of the guys on the waivers, I would take Stewart (Benjamin gone means they want more out of the running game, although beware it may be more of Mccaffrey) but after that if you don’t like Stewart Its a toss up between Ellington and Williams.

I will go ahead and pick up Stewart. But do the Rob Kelley trade even though he’s hurt right now?

Out of those backs since its a ppr you could take a chance on Damian williams since hes the pass catching back in miami. He has a better chance at a few catches which might be more points than alot of the other backs.

Yeah I would still do the trade - if healthy he’s definetly worth it, if not you would end up dropping Pryor anyways so Kelly is worth a shot. If Pryor was like your 3rd WR I would say differently but I think you have the spot to take the chance.

Yeah I agree. I don’t know much about him but I know their Offense isn’t the best right now and Drake was in front. I went with the others with the recent moves by their teams (Benjamin to Buffalo, Redskins trying to get Kelly carries)

Thanks for the input, I will try to find space for either Damian or Stewart. If you had to pick 2 out of the 3 for PPR, who would it be? Damian, Stewart, Kelley.

Id go damain and Stewart