Week 9 Strategy

My opponent lost both Garcon and Benjamin this week so I picked up a lot of receivers off waivers so he wouldn’t have any decent ones. Who should I start in my standard scoring league? And who should I drop for a kicker.

Rb: McCoy
Wr: M Thomas
Wr: Dez
Flex: Tate or Freeman?

Bench: D Thomas, Sterling Shepherd, Amari Cooper, Emmanuel Sanders

I would flex Freeman. Drop Emmanuel Sanders. If your opponent picks him up he made a bad decision. Sanders has a terrible QB and won’t score points. Sometimes you gotta put out that Mario cart banana peel. :slight_smile:

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Also you could flex Amari

The Dolphins no longer have a run game or a pass game so the defense will be on the field more and get tired. Amari could have a big game.

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Really?? Drop Sanders?? I’ve also got him (still on the bench w/(Q)). Gonna be shadowed by Patrick Robinson this week, so that’s not good…but even with OS it’s seems a really risky move to drop him. Not contradicting you, just was really surprised by a suggestion to go so far as to actually drop him.

He has to drop someone unless he’s super confident in his win this week, that he’d forgoe his kicker option this week and pair trade sanders away next week in a 2 for 1 special. But Sanders is the best drop op to me as well

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Yeah, I can see your point. Reckon it just jumped out at me when I first read it. Also…my bust-double deuce…just now noticed it was standard scoring format. Sorry y’all…was just skimming through some posts kinda quickly earlier as I only had a couple of minutes at the time.