Week 9 TE start - Cook, Njoku, Olsen?

Trust the rising star Njoku after the goose last week??
Does Carr have anyone better to throw to than Cook?
Is Olsen becoming Cam’s safety blanket again?
All three have good match ups…

Who would you start FootClan??

I think Njoku has the most upside of the three, but he is more risky has we all saw last week. For me, it would be between Njoku and Olsen. I’m just scared Olsen will start loosing targets to emerging WR DJ Moore.

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Olsen. Olsen is Cam’s favorite receiver, especially in the red zone. I wouldn’t go with Njoku and Cook is good too, but Olsen is going to consistently get you close to 10 points.

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Olsen I would say is safest, but with the new coaches in CLE and playing KC, they may be throwing the ball a lot this weekend so Njoku is a risk/reward this week.


Hmm I was leaning Cook…the key to TE success seems to be opportunity and with the departure of Cooper, Cook becomes Carr’s borderline #1 option in the passing game. And we have seen what he can do with high volume so far this season.
I know Njoku may have the highest ceiling this week, but I’m ok to risk missing out in case the new coaches in CLE need a week to get things figured out there.
I at first was leaning Olsen because of the nice match up and good performance last week. But will he get the volume of the Greg Olsen of past years?