Weighing Dynasty Trade Options

Hey all,

I’ve got a dynasty team I believe is in contention for the championship this season. My only fear with my roster is my WR group: DeAndre Hopkins, Tee Higgins, Brandin Cooks, Darnell Mooney, and a handful of other lesser pieces (Julio Jones, Allen Lazard, Van Jefferson, Corey Davis, and Marvin Jones Jr.). I’ve got a few offers on the table and want to know what you all think: which should I take, if either? Are they fair value or significant overpays?

Some quick context: this is a 10-team league and drafts are four rounds long. We are allowed to trade picks up to three years out (2023-25). I have all of my own picks, but do not have any picks from other teams…

Offer 1:

  • Incoming: Mike Evans, TB
  • Outgoing: Darnell Mooney, CHI + 2023 1st + 2023 2nd

Offer 2:

  • Incoming: D.J. Moore, CAR + 2024 2nd
  • Outgoing: Christian Watson, GB + 2023 1st + 2024 1st

Both of these deals feel like overpays, but I’m not sure! Our league has only traded first round picks for players twice over the three years since we created it (plus a couple times in draft-day moves up and down the board), so I feel like those picks are something of a premium. As of right now, I lean towards the DJ Moore deal over the Mike Evans deal, if I make a deal at all.

Any thoughts and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Moore is the player to target, however the asking price is too steep for him. I personally would counter with Watson/2023 1st for Moore. (What pick is your 2023 1st? 1.08/1.09/1.10).

Moore is good for 70+ catches, 1100+ yds, 3-4 tds a year. Moore is a solid high/mid WR2 and that is with only 4 tds each year.

You have a good young core of WRs with Higgins/Mooney, plus a great floor WR in Cooks.

I’m projecting my 2023 1st to be at the back of the round, in that 1.07-1.10 range. My 2022 1st was 1.09 after I lost in the championship match-up after running away with the No. 1 seed in the regular season.

I liked the Watson/2023 1st offer enough that it was actually the offer I opened negotiations with. I would’ve done that in a heartbeat. The Moore manager said it was pretty close to getting done, but then asked for the 2024 1st to complete it (which baffled me – that’s a lot to add into a deal that’s already “pretty close!”). I was able to negotiate it to that 2024 swap of my 1st for his 2nd, but it still feels a bit rich, which is why I was hoping to get some unbiased feedback.

I got ya.

I like Moore, but 2 1sts and a rookie is a little steep, imho, even with getting a 2024 2nd back.

In the end, you will need to decide if Moore will be worth it for your roster.

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Yeah, this is the trouble I’ve been having. I have no idea whether I should be desperate enough to make such a move, just because I haven’t done so before (this league is relatively young — created right before the start of the 2019 season, so we’re about to head into year four). I can share my roster, if that helps give a better idea of where my team’s at.

You can list your team.

However, with little trading in your league, it seems to me the leaguemate you are trying to trade with is the classic “Player overvaluer” team owner. I have a couple of them in my dynasty league (received a counter offer of Javonte Williams/2023 1st for Etienne when I originally offered just a 2023 1st).

Watson/2023 1st rounder is more than fair for Moore.

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Yeah, I do think this manager tends to overvalue his player. Part of that, I think, is that he’s not in a position where he has to make a move. He doesn’t feel like he has to tank or go into a rebuild, so he’s perfectly content just keeping Moore heading into the season. I think that’s his logic for having the price so high.

As for my own team, my roster is as follows…


  • QB: Matthew Stafford, LAR
  • RB1: Austin Ekeler, LAC
  • RB2: Aaron Jones, GB
  • WR1: Tee Higgins, CIN
  • WR2: Brandin Cooks, HOU
  • TE: Dalton Schultz, DAL
  • FLEX1: Javonte Williams, DEN
  • FLEX2: Kareem Hunt, CLE
  • DST: Cleveland Browns, CLE
  • K: Tyler Bass, BUF

BENCH (14/14):

  • QB: Trey Lance, SF
  • RB: Cordarrelle Patterson, ATL
  • RB: Raheem Mostert, MIA
  • RB: Kenyan Drake, LV
  • RB: D’Onta Foreman, CAR
  • RB: Hassan Haskins, TEN
  • WR: Darnell Mooney, CHI
  • WR: Allen Lazard, GB
  • WR: Corey Davis, NYJ
  • WR: Marvin Jones Jr., JAX
  • WR: Julio Jones, TB
  • WR: Van Jefferson, LAR
  • TE: Cole Kmet, CHI
  • K: Evan McPherson, CIN

IR (3/3):

  • WR: DeAndre Hopkins, ARI (SUS)
  • WR: Christian Watson, GB (PUP)
  • WR: John Metchie III, HOU (PUP)


  • WR: Dyami Brown, WSH
  • WR: Josh Palmer, LAC
  • WR: Nico Collins, HOU
  • WR: Jalen Tolbert, DAL

Note: I do intend to drop one of the kickers on my roster for a FLEX player on the waiver wire — likely a handcuff RB. I just haven’t chosen which of the two kickers to keep and which to waive yet.

This roster ran away with the No. 1 seed last season, finishing 12-2 before losing in the championship round to the 9-5 No. 2 seed. All three of my losses last season — in Weeks 1, 10, and 17 — came at the hands of that 9-5 team finishing with the No. 2 seed. That said, I do believe this is a title-contending roster, and I feel like I should be making it my priority to get one while Ekeler, A. Jones, Hopkins, and Hunt all still have fantasy relevance.

With you roster, you can live without Moore, if he keeps his steep price.

In dropping a K, I suggest McPherson. He relied heavily on 50+ yd FGs a lot last year and regresion follows. Jason Sanders relied on heavily on 50+ yd FGs in 2020 as K1, he dropped to K20 last year. Matt Prater and Joey Slye are other K’s that had drop off after being top 5 because of a lot of 50+ yd FGs.

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Thanks for the help!

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