Weird Draft Situation

In a 2 keeper snake draft league where keepers are your 1st/2nd round pick. I have 1 choice of slot with McCaffrey available. My possible keepers are Henry and Chubb. Do I…
Keep both and take the 25th pick
Keep Henry and take the 13th pick
Or drop both and go for CMC and 24th 25th picks

I think this is dependent on league format. In PPR I’d be tempted to keep neither to get CMC, depending on what kind of players will be available at 2.12 and 3.01 after all the other keepers are set. But if this is non-PPR, I’d keep Henry and Chubb then just go hard on WR starting in round 3. Those two are studs in non-PPR.

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Yeah, it’s full PPR

Ok, first of all, who in the world is not giving up their 1st round pick for CMC?

I’m assuming the 2nd situation you still have the 25th pick, so then it is 13th vs. Chubb, in which case it should be Chubb and you can just throw out that option. It’s definitely between the first and third options to me.

Also, if everyone kept 2 players, wouldn’t you technically have the 1.01 and the 1.02 since everyone gave up their 2nd draft pick? Regardless, I think your 2nd round pick after you pick CMC is going to have a lot of value.

I would personally go for CMC, just so I can rub it in the face of the owner who decided not to protect him.

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Haha! The bragging rights are definitely a factor. It was a team that dropped (they left our staff).

Managers don’t HAVE to keep any. But you have the option of 2. I’m currently mapping out any keepable players to figure out who will have picks available. And then map out who will be around in that second round. Definitely leaning towards CMC and trying my luck at the 24/25 picks. I just don’t want to give up the Henry Chubb combo if I don’t have to.

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Dude, you could totally go cmc and Montgomery and be just fine