Weird Keeper Trade

This is a full ppr league I am looking to give Jonathon Taylor (4th rounder for 1 more year then can’t be kept) and kadarius Toney (can’t be kept) for Henderson (4th rounder for 2 more years but I won’t keep him probably) and Hollywood Brown (11th round keeper for 2 years then an 8th rounder for 3 more). I know it’s a little weird but if you’ve made it this far let me know what you think! I will have gibson and j.k. dobbins as 11th and 8th rounders for the foreseeable future

My initial reaction is I’d rather hold JT and Toney. This is a tough call. Henderson’s value is inflated this year because Akers is on IR, so in future years henderson’s value will be lower than it is right now. Hollywood brown feels like the value here