Weird question

Need help at Kicker this week (Bryant on a bye) my options are Justin tucker vs Oakland, Robbie Gould vs IND, or KaiMi vs KC… what do you guys think?

I’m in the same boat, and picked up Jake Elliot. If he isn’t out there, Tucker is a good choice. He hasn’t done much lately, but he’s still one of the best in the league.

is often just roulette with kicker, I’d go with Tucker though

I look less at the name. Go out and look for most points on waivers and then analyze their weekly stats. there’s always 1 or 2 picked up that had a 20 point week but there should be at least 3 with an average of 7-10 points.

That’s where I’m at and someone actually beat me to Elliot which is crazy lol. I’m just worried about the Ravens Offense, do you think they turn it around this week? I like SF kicker Robbie Gould’s matchup against IND since their D is terrible. Ahh what to do??

Always tucker.

Is Greg zurlein available?

Zurlein isn’t available. I’m debating between Tucker and Gould at IND

Go with tucker