Weird situation

Alvin Kamara and Marlon Mack are available on waivers in my league. I was planning on prioritizing Kamara then Mack, but I just noticed that Kamara will not go through waivers until Thursday not Wednesday because he was dropped this morning. I have the #2 priority. I don’t know if I should wait until Wed to put my claim in for him, very much likely missing out on ANY of the players I would target after him and also risk the the person with the #1 priority does the same and I miss out on all players I would target. What should I do here?

I think Kamara is good enough in his current role that he’s worth that gamble. Good luck.

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Don’t waste your priority on Mack right away. Scout the team that has 1st priority to see if they would likely be using their priority to fill in a bye week, kicker, defense, etc. If it looks good, take Kamara over mack. With AP out of town, Kamara is the best choice

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i think Marlon Mack looks like a monster i think he will get 10 + touches a game to start and take the job from gore. Im 1-4 in my league though so wtf do i know hah