Weird trade offer, what should I do?

So I’ve been offered Josh Allen for cooper kupp. Normally I would never trade for a Qb ever but here is my situation.
My qbs are Burrow and Matt Ryan who are both fine, it’s a two reciever league with a flex my receivers are Amari Cooper, Tyreek hill, Kupp, Ceedee lamb, Russell gage and Alshon Jeffery on ir. I feel with the depth at reciever if I make this kind of trade it’s not as bad, what do you guys think??

Id gladly take that and run

You think it’s a fair deal?! I’m not a fan of trading quality WRs and RBs for a QB even if that QB is great but this seems pretty fair

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Is it a 6 of 4 pt qb td league? if its 4 his rushing alone is a upside most qbs dont have with the depth at wr you have i think id take it

I also just havent been a high on kupp hes good but not great to me I know others are much higher on him

It’s 4pt, and yeah that’s how I’m looking at it I wasn’t high in kupp but it’s an auction keeper league I bid 15 on him thinking wouldn’t get him and no one else bid so I got him lol. I do think he’s a solid wr2 to have but like you mentioned with my depth there I feel it’s not bad. I just feel like I’m crazy for trading for a QB lol

But its not just a qb its a top 5 qb whos on a tear this season maybe im crazy hopefully someone else will throw an opinion in for you

No no I definitely see your point I’m glad you get it too cause I thought people were gonna rip on me for even considering lol. I honestly think I’m gonna take it.

heck yes. You have 2 cowboys and cheetah. You can afford it.

Thanks guys! I feel better now I think I’m going to take it

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