Weird trade opinion

So this trade just went through In my dynasty ish league where we have contracts. It’s more of a realistic NFL team basically how this league is set up. Anyway, we call this guy the realtor cause he is always making these big block buster trades where we say, he just sold a house for a player. Has traded away all of his draft picks for the next few years for select players, has then gotten rid of said players so on and so forth. So basically he pulled off a three way trade where he now has 4 first found rookie draft picks, and gave up bell, DJ, Sanders, and the third guy basically gave up QBs for Aaron Rodgers. He now has cap space to work with but I just don’t get it. He has 6 total players on his team right now. He has 4 picks in the draft which gets him up to 10 players total. It’s the first year so free agency is really nothing special. So I’m just Trying to wrap my head around this, and see if anyone can make heads or tails out of it.

I’ll add that this is his roster as it stands right now.

It doesn’t make sense to me…but he could be a mastermind. Would love to see his team on week 1.

I’m really interested to see too. Because this guy has had zeke, bell, DJ, and dalvin cook on his team at one point, and has ditched all of them now. He has traded EVERYTHING for these players, and now has what you see now. I’ll be stunned if he can pull some more trades to get a good roster. My guess is he wants Barkley really bad, and that most of those picks will go to the 1.01 guy. If he does that it will be locked in my mind as the weirdest, biggest fail team probably of all time. He did get 3rd last year, due to a huge playoff run. But now I can barley see him making a roster even happen. I dunno but I’ll definitely post what else he does.

That’s even weirder. If he had Zeke, and wants Barkley, that a straight up trade for the 1.01. Zeke is proven and runs behind the best o-line in the league, while Barkley may play for the Browns or Giants.
So if that’s his end goal, he’s taking the weirdest path ever to achieve it.

What are the odds of him thinking of ditching out of the league and making a mess before doing so?

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i think he could have had Barkley straight up for Bell or Zeke… Weird as hell

Luckily pretty slim. Our commish has a rule where if you want to trade picks from years down the road, you have to pay for those years. So guy has already paid up until 2020. But maybe he doesn’t care and bounces anyway. Here is my thought. This guy hates me. And I mean hates me bad. I won the league and he was pissed cause he scored the most points in the playoffs, but got out done one game. And you can tell he is super salty about it. The guy he just basically gave bell and DJ to is in my division and already had a playoff team. I think he just wants to take me down. There is some word play that was done that would take a long time to explain, but it’s obvious he does not like me. So he may have done this just to screw me as much as he could then bounce. But, he did drop a player already so it looks like he wants to be active still.

Getting rid of zeke made sense honestly. He was paying him 60m a year, which is just way too much for any player in this league. The big boys usually go around 35 to 40m a year. But it only got that high cause we have a cowboys fan in our league lol.

Well…he certainly has salary cap now! LOL

Oh man before all of this he had no cap room for 4 years. Now he has as much as I do and I used to have the most before this. Problem is I still have a championship winning team and he has… Well what he has. Lol.

update boys… he fucking did EXACTLY what i thought he would. traded everything to get the 1.01. picture proof boys.

That seems like an insane trade for him? Loses Bell and David Johnson and all those picks for Barkley. I like the upside of Luck and Landry but not much else…

haha im not saying its a smart trade… i mean he now has a TON in cap room… buuuut nothing else.

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It only makes sense if he can even do anything with that cap but like you already said, it’s year one so no good free agents… makes zero sense to blow your entire team up for one player and some useless cap room

This makes no sense at all

i agree boys. but like i said he doesnt like me, and he HATES that i won last year. so i think this is all a plan to screw me over as much as possible. because there are 3 guys to target in FA this year. mark engram, dion lewis, and larry fitz. my guess is he is going to use his substantial capital to buy out all the decent pieces. we currently have a vote going on in our league about if we should or should not allow a year 1 amnesty on 1 player. he is very much against it cause it helps me out a lot with demarco murray. but if it passes ill have just as much money to work with, so if thats his plan it wont work. im telling you guys, this is one of the weirdest situations i have ever seen, or potentially been in. because i honestly believe he is doing all of this to just screw with me. cant prove it though.

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Who’s the commissioner in the league? What’s his take on it? How much is entry each year? Why would whomever who had the 1.1 not offer it up for Zeke or DJ and then some if everybody is loving Barkley? I’d have a hard time believing any feud is worth blowing up a solid roster that I could simply add a few pieces to and go after the championship again with. Are there tons of free agents coming up not this season but next? Could be pre emptive to get Barkley, and another 1.1 and have tons of cap space for whatever is coming available in 2019. But we are talking a lot of future planning and thinking involved here. Interesting case for sure.

he thinks it is ridiculous, but he made a mistake and left the no need for approval thing on so he cant deny the trade now. as for why he didnt just trade zeke or something straight up is beyond me too. my guess is the guy didnt want it cause he doesnt have the cap space to support it. zeke was 60 million a year (we do nfl cap) which is about 20 million more than the next highest. and it is without a doubt weird to blow it up over dislike of someone, but there are people like that. its just funny because before he scored so much in the playoffs and still lost to me and then i won it, him and i were cool. but it just pissed him off so much lol. there are a lot of free agents, but really only a few that are worth it. ingram, dion lewis, and larry fitz. after that its a crap shoot of maybes. this guy does love the 1.01. he traded for it at beginning of the league too. so maybe he does just want to lose out to get it again and build what he would think would be a powerful core roster of young and cheap. its interesting for sure because if it works it would revolutionize how to play. but i give it little to no chance of working if this is a legit strategy. but hey, i have been wrong on worse things. ill keep it posted on here once we get a finalized roster, or if he makes any more weird moves. i dont know how he could. he has 5 players now and 1 draft pick. our league stats guy put together a chart, and this guy only has 3 million to spend on per player to fill his roster back up. to give it sustance zeke is 60 million a year, and i havee just as much money as him, only i have 8 million per player to spend to fill my roster. so you can see that even if he hyper focuses on players in FA, he cant out bid me, or really half the league. at a certain point it will keep him from bidding. lowest contract is 500k a year. so if he did dump all of his money into one, everything else would be the bottom of the heap players that no one really wanted . its just a strange thing.

This almost sounds like there should be a league vote, to rectify the situation. If not, if this guy gets frustrated with his lackluster team it sounds like he won’t be able to execute, you might be forced into an ugly recruiting and expansion type system where all owners might lose players they value just to welcome the new owner…

I hope this league isn’t an expensive entry league. If it is, I hope this guy has already paid his dues.

My only other thought is this might be a gambler fulfilling an addiction and a bit of a power side where he wants to see what he can do while also messing with other owner’s heads. As a commissioner, I’d be on the phone with him immediately asking him his intentions here and protecting the structure of the league.

Initially you said he has 4 firsts? I think latest post you said he only has 1? To me if he has 4 firsts and can fill his starting lineup and the league never set minimums, I’d probably see how this pans out.

Contract/Salary cap wise I don’t know enough about your structure outside of you saying it parallels the NFL, but Zeke being an awful contract doesn’t sound appropriate considering he’s still on his rookie contract. But if the cap is 100 and he’s costing 60, I’d dump him too. Unless the minute he hits waivers he’s suddenly a 4m hit??

This over the interwebz sounds/looks more complex than what it might actually be. I’d definitely encourage a league meeting or a harsh 1 to 1 with that owner and the commish.

league ATM is to let it be. its agreed that its weird but we are given a lot of freedom in this league. but yeah originally he had 4 1st rounders at the start of this post, but then flipped them for the 1.01. its not expensive really. 50$ and he has paid through 2020. our structure is based off of how much teams actually have to spend on the year. so last year each team had 167 million to work with. sounds like a lot, but if you base it off of it be something like 167 dollars instead, its similar to other leagues, just a lot more 0s. as for contracts, its based off of what you bid. so although zeke is on a rookie contract, because we started the league after he is a rookie, we pay FA price for him. cause he went to a bidding war instead of being drafted like a rookie. but players like fournette and kareem hunt we are paying about 5 mil or so a year because its what they are getting paid. rookie draft, rookie contact. its pretty cool. i had the gambling thought too. because he for sure has the high roller mentality. putting all his chips on that green 0 like its going to hit every time. biggest problem honestly with this league is its an online league, so no one actually knows each other. its the type of risk you have when doing something like this.

@BusterD with today’s technology i highly encourage online meetings and league activity… In my leagues we use Zoom for our draft, and FB messenger for a league group chat. Keeps things way more interactive and you get to know the guys pretty well. I had help from a buddy in obtaining 5 west coast guys for my startup dynasty and all of us have been texting and chatting non stop since January. I’d def speak to your commissioner and look to get more activity and a sense of unity going, and also it will help you guys understand each owner a bit better.

Now that you explained it was auction bidding and a bidding war I bet that gambling mentality hit the same owner hard in trying to obtain Zeke lol. All of that being said I don’t understand in a rebuild trading away all four 1sts just to obtain Barkley when he sounds like he had other pieces he could’ve paired with a few firsts to get the same pick.

Does your league allow futures to be traded? How about taxi squads? 2019 and 2020 picks have been flying around in my leagues like hot cakes. It’s definitely intriguing to see some guys work and what they’re trying to accomplish. In your case this isn’t sounding like it’s a guy who doesn’t follow football and he might very well just be having fun in this league while he’s serious in others. Depending on his own income, $50 for a years worth of entertainment might be worth it regardless of outcome.