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Weird trade situation


Someone made a proposal a couple hours ago, I would give up michael thomas and D’Onta foreman for CJ anderson and crabtree. It seems like he cancelled the proposal soon after, but I am very interested in that. Would you send that same proposal back or something similar? or forget about it, thinking he wont do it? 10 team standard league, and this is the second or third proposal hes sent me for thomas, so I think he really wants him. He’s got zeke, cj, hyde and demarco murray for his rb, hes kind of loaded there with not much for recievers and I’m in need of a top end rb.


In PPR, I still like Thomas more than Crabtree. Anderson is good but I’m not sure about it cuz ur giving up the best player in the deal


I don’t think Thomas is significantly better than Crabtree, but Anderson is not a player I’d be in a hurry to acquire.


I’m quite high on Thomas especially with Snead coming back.

He’s gotten 9-10 targets consistently and the TDs will start to rack up cuz Brees has a rapport with him in the Red Zone.

I like Crabtree too though.


Thanks for the responses. I think I’m feeling desperate for a RB since i really only have Bell, Lynch, and Gore. I have forte and foreman but at this point i think forte is droppable, so I’m just trying to come up with a trade that someone would want to pull the trigger on. My league seems to be very, very stingy, though.


Crabtree has been a WR1 each if the past two years. He’s as good in the Red zone as just about any WR not named Green or Beckham.


I was thinking about proposing this: I give him Thomas and Djax for Hyde and crabtree, but I feel that I may be giving up slightly too much in that trade.


I like that one more…


That’s true. I got him on waivers 2 years ago. Carried my team. I love the guy but I also love Thomas.


I can’t imagine he’s accept that, but I’d do it.


Would you swap Lynch for Cj Anderson?


I’d be selling Anderson, not buying.