Well Folks.....that time of year...LOL

Yeah…I know a lot have been scratching their heads and rolling their eyes over some of the games this past week or two. BUT HEY…LOL…it’s been a long hard year and it usually starts being like this around this time.

Especially with the teams that are pretty much LOCKS. And yeah…LOL…I know I’ve probably been running it into the ground with this “outlook”, (been mentioning it in tons of comments here) but…we all know these top teams are gonna start going easy/resting our studs.

So…yeah…this whole week has been pretty much a “WTF”…BUT…what can ya say…IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR!!! LOL

I’ve got both Wilson and Truby. And they’ve definitely been in the “WTF” categories. And Gurley.

A Jones, Dav Adams, Evans and Brate……and yeah…they all pretty much came through in SPADES for me this week. BUT…my TOP NOTCH QB’S…LOL…yeah right!!! :roll_eyes:

LOL…but…as I was saying…IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR!!! :rofl:

I feel your pain.11-2 going into a first round bye and top scorer this year by 250 pts, 12 team, PPR. Between weeks 12 and 13 my team was…

QB: River - solid
RBs: Gordon (now hurt), Hunt (Idiot), Ekeler (now hurt), Ware (sounds hurt), Edwards (welcome back Dixon), A. Jones, Lindsay, J. Jackson (hope)
WRs: Hill (My “foot is bad”), Cooks, J. Gordon
TE: Ertz
Kicker: Butker

I’m not too hopefully going forward…

but hey at least you got a good te and kicker right?