Welp that’s it. Dalvin cook hurt, Melvin Gordon benched after two fumbles, Amari Cooper and Cooper Kupp not existing at all...this sucks

I hate everything. Gotta love being projected to win by 30 halfway through the morning games

I hear you. I had my guys post up 187 points in PPR. My opponent is at 195 with Doyle to go (no big shakes there but I already lost). It seemed like I had all my guys do as well as they could. He had all the guys who did better. It really came down to my dudes did not land the TDs. Sucks, but that is FF. Faaaaarrrr more luck than skill at the end of it all. Better luck to us both next year!

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I feel yuh on the TD drought. My team of:


mustered a grand total of 1 TD in my first round (last week) ending my playoffs. And of course this week I have high score. Love me some FF. Oh well, onto next season!!!

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Totally. That is most of my team. Remove Barkley and add in Beckham + A Robinson and switch Waller with Hunter Henry. Meh. Gotta love it or it’ll drive you mad :slight_smile: