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Went a little crazy with rbs, need to drop a couple. HELP!


I have to drop 2 players. I didn’t draft a kicker or defense hence the need to drop 2. Standard scoring 2 wr 2 rb 1 flex. Wrs are Evans M. Thomas and Crabtree so Tyrell is expendable. My rbs are weak and need help. Not dropping anyone till a few days before the season starts but would like guidance please.

Christian McCaffrey Car - RB

Bilal Powell NYJ - RB

Derrick Henry Ten - RB

Kareem Hunt KC - RB

Joe Mixon Cin - RB

Jonathan Williams Buf - RB

Tyrell Williams LAC - WR

Mike Gillislee NE - RB


williams and williams


I’d rather trade a couple of those backs for a more dependable wr. Love your trio but you’re gonna need more down the stretch and WRs score more in the flex on average. Don’t see the need for 6+ backs 2 for 1 or even 3 for 1 is what you should be looking for


Thanks Packer and Ndorsey5. That’s what i was thinking, drop the 2 Williams.

Any suggestions if i traded the 2 Williams what i should ask for. I have sent several requests but they have all been rejected.

I definitely don’t need 6 backs, but since we drafted so early, i figured why take a kicker and defense. Just wait the 3 weeks for the season to start and see if any of these backs become the #1 or more valuable.


i hear ya, and i wouldnt trade the two people youre looking to drop thats not appealing haha. Maybe pair tyrell and mixon since hes a bit more attractive to other owners for a WR2-3


Hunt and j williams


Never mind KEEP HUNT!


@J2H8 Thanks for the update! Bittersweet how that just worked itself out.


Looks like you drafted some great lotto tickets there. If it were me, I’d drop Jonathan Williams and then either Tyrell or maybe try to initiate a 2 for 1 trade with someone to free up that last spot. Just a thought.


You don’t need to drop anyone, and in fact i don’t think you SHOULD drop anyone, until you’re setting your week 1 lineup, which I wouldn’t do until the week of. There’s still time for guys to get hurt before you have to make that call.


Thank you all for your great advice.