Went RB in my first three rounds

So just had my draft tonight. I Was 9th overall, my first pick Derrick Henry was there and I thought that was odd so I grabbed him. The next pick Joe Mixon was still there, so again I went RB. Third round came up and Carson was still there at the end of the 3rd, the WR were not great so I grabbed him on a short turn. I ended with A. Thielen and R. Woods as my 2 WR’s. I have Carson in my flex. I was also able to pick up J. Taylor as well, my full lineup below. I am unsure how I feel about my line up.

Roster setup(12 team): QB, RB, 2xWR, TE, 2 FLEX, K, DEF

QB: Stafford, Burrow
RB: D. Henry, J. Mixon, C. Carson, J. Taylor
WR: A. Thielen, R. Woods, M. Gallup, C. Sutton, P. Campbell, M. Hardman, Diontae Johnson, H. Ruggs
TE: Jonnu Smith
K: undrafted
D: eagles

I am diggin it! Might’ve picked another TE at the end… instead of one of the receivers… but I would take that team in a heartbeat.

I wanted to but all the TE were taken, i think the best I got on waivers is Ian Thomas…TE’s were highly picked up for some reason. I had to grab Jonnu in the 9th I think because it was all gone.

I like it, and did the same thing… though I was pick 5. Went Cook, Jones, Carson… my WRs went Woods and Ridley.
I went late on TE as well so I grabbed 2… I figure between the 2 I should be okay.

Jonnu’s a great “Well all the top TEs are gone” option. He was my plan going into my Drafts this week, until I made the last minute switch to a pseudo Zero RB strat targeting Michael Thomas, Kelce, and Lamar at the top and hoping to hit Bell/Montgomery/Gibson.

League 1, 10 man random public league drafting 5th, hit Thomas, Kelce, Lamar to start and followed it up with Kupp, Chark, Bell, Gibson, Montgomery, Parker, Hunt, and Akers and STILL managed to grab Jonnu to back up. (Love those public 10 mans!)

League 2, 12 man work league, again drafting 5th, got Thomas/Kelce, but someone jumped Lamar at the end of Rd1, so “settled” for Prescott. Still got Godwin, Bell, Gibson and Montgomery, but TEs went early after Kittle/Kelce, so no Jonnu on the Bench there lol

Robert Woods isn’t getting the respect he deserves, imo. Nice grab, there. Both leagues I drafted this week he went early, after every mock I did he dropped lol