Wentz droppable?

So let me start by saying I have 3 QBs (I know)-- trades just worked out that way and I couldn’t just leave Josh Allen on waivers with his tasty schedule.

Considering I already have a top 3 QB that isn’t Josh Allen is someone like Wentz droppable considering it would be tough to trade him after this dud game and his next 5 week schedule looks pretty tough.

I have a sneaky pickup I’d like to make tonight is dropping Wentz an overreaction or ahead of the curve?

Thanks #footclan for any advice!

Probably an overreaction. Not able to trade him? Who’s the sneaky pick up?

I’d try to trade him. Unless it is an 8 man league, there is probably out there who needs a QB. Also, unless your league is different than mine I doubt you will be able to drop Wentz and pick some one up before waivers run tomorrow night since Wentz has already played this week.