Wentz for Baker Mayfield? Which one rest of season?

Eagles fan, love Wentz in real life, but a little apprehensive in fantasy. Already benching him for Eli as a Streamer this week. I would be trading away Wentz for Baker and I would also expect a decent 6th or 5th round pick for next year’s draft. The current owner has Deshaun Watson as well so he’s stacked either way. Is this a reasonable deal? Too early to make any real deals and valuations on Baker with too small a sample size? And which would be better for ROS? Wentz has a slight edge in playoff schedule as well but I can always stream…

I stole Landry in a sick trade (Westbrook and a 7th rounder next year) and snagged Callaway right before kickoff of the Browns/Jets game from WW, so I have the pieces that Baker will be throwing to…

I’d rather have Wentz ROS.

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If you have to choose between the two right now you have to go with Wentz. I just blew a ton of faab picking up Mayfield and Callaway, very high on them both, playing Callaway this week. But we simply don’t know what to expect from Mayfield. I’m a big Jets fan, Jamal Adams admitted the team did not prepare for Mayfield at all. Teams will be getting ready for him now.

I plan on playing Mayfield over Andrew Luck for a few weeks when the Browns play the Chargers, Bucs, Steelers, Chiefs, and Falcons all in a row. I think he will come through, we’ll have to wait and see. But Wentz is a proven fantasy starter. His team is a little beat up but they have enough talent to keep his stats in good shape.

Don’t be discouraged by the Colts game either. First game back, Colts are much improved on defense, weather wasn’t great.

Thanks. Yes, the Colts game and possibly this week are a couple of “get right” games for Wentz.

Baker is a stash for me. I love the upside! But no way I’m giving up Wentz at this point

by far wentz, he is still a rookie and carson was an mvp candidate

Right now, it’s Wentz ROS

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