Wentz for Hunt

It seems like a great time to buy low on Kareem Hunt. The Hunt owner in my league had deshaun watson and is starting Tom Savage. I’ve got Wentz and I was thinking of offering Wentz and Derrick Henry (the hunt owner also has Demarco Murray) for Hunt. Am I offering too much? Is it not worth trading away Wentz and start streaming QBs again? The Chiefs schedule gets much easier after the BYE and Andy Reid always comes out firing after a BYE so I think Hunt’s price will go up soon. Here’s a quick look at my RBs.

Derrick Henry
Alfred Morris
Rob Kelly

Absolutely do it. UNLESS you have four wrs that are very solid and you can flex one of them at all times. But hunt would be a nasty flex for you.

Who else do you have at QB? I think you are giving too much. Wentz is a great QB! Is having Hunt on your team going to make it that much of an upgrade overall with giving up a top 5 QB?

NO WAY should you give up wentz for hunt. Especially not him and any other guy for hunt. Hunt isn’t worth it. Big name for a couple games and then more games with barely double digit points.
No Way.