Wentz for Michael Thomas?

Trade Wentz for Michael Thomas? 16 team ppr league and I have Andy dalton as my backup qb, Larry Fitzgerald is my #2 WR at the moment

No who’s your other qb

Andy Dalton

NO WAY… Thomas alone straight up? HELL NO

I’m confused who are you getting.

In my opinion id jump at taking Thomas off someone for wentz. Who, although is great, will be able to get similar value from the waivers of qb

Wentz is the truth don’t do it to yourself grab stills off the waiver wire or Corey Davis who will be coming off byes next week. He was out with a hamstring injury but you just Wait

Yes I would be getting Thomas and giving up wentz

I am thinking no way Wentz keeps this pace up and Thomas is due to improve his fantasy scoring. 16 team league though so waivers are very very thin

I don’t get all the heat on trading wentz. Don’t get me wrong he’s great but Thomas will be top 8 rest of season and you can find production in the qb slot that you won’t always in wr so I’d say do the trade.

I’m gonna send my wentz the way of the Thomas owner and see what he says in my league…

Ah ye fair enough about the 16 team league but surely someone would give you a back up qb for a lower end wr. Maybe negotiate that before pulling the trigger and make it like a domino trade. When one goes through you can accept the other

Thanks everyone, appreciate all the feedback.

Josh - I am thinking the same thing, I Love wentz but I think the value of a top WR is more than that of a top QB. Also good point about trading for another backup qb, I will look into that as I do have good depth. Keep me posted on what your Thomas owner says if you don’t mind