Wentz or Bridgewater?

12-team superflex full PPR. I have Bridgewater but someone just put Wentz on waivers. Concerned about Wentz’s durability. Dak is my other QB. Thanks in advance as always.


That pretty much makes the rest of your question moot.

Go with Taysom Hill, just for S&G.

EDIT: Oh okay, just saw Superflex. Still, the Hill comment is so funny, I have to leave it.

Wentz may have durability questions, but at least he’s guaranteed to start when healthy. The Denver job may go back and forth all year.

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No worries, I lol’d. :blush: Thanks for your help.

On the other hand, Wentz committed 25 turnovers in 12 games last season, so there’s that.

Does your league penalize much for FUMs and INTs?

-2 for each