Wentz or Darnold

Carson Wentz in a tough matchup or Sam Darnold vs Miami

Dont drop Wentz but go with Darnold this week…drop offs to Bell and Crowder is going to be big plays

Gross… Do we really think Darnold isn’t damaged goods after seeing ghosts a couple weeks ago? The Jets are on fire (and not in a good way) right now. Players upset about trade rumors etc. Not an easy choice cuz Wentz is going to have to deal with Mack coming after him but Darnold scares me. If I had to make the choice, I’d probly go with Wentz.

I agree he scares me too but Mack scares me more this week plus Bears need the win so that defense is gonna go crazy

Good point… And with TriBLANKski the D is going to need to play offense too. :wink: Glad I dont have to make this decision. Good Luck Bro!

Thanks for the input guys. I picked up Darnold. Wentz has his by week coming up and so I think it will work for that week also, Darnold ha somewhat favorable matchups over the next couple weeks, if the team can hold it together at all.

Facts …

The Dolphins secondary has made worse QBs than Darnold look like Hall of Famers… Wentz has been in a funk regardless…

I will instantly forgive any QB that faces the Pats… possibly the best defense of all time