Wentz or Josh Allen?

Better play this week?

I have Wentz on my bench and have Allen locked and loaded.

Probably making a mistake since this is a crucial game for both eagles and cowboys but I rather have the safer card with Allen.

Wentz. He’s been a QB1 in 5 of 6 games. Cowboy CBs (Byron Jones and Anthony Brown) were both DNP this week.

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Ride the Josh Allen wave.

I’m more concerned about his receivers actually catching the ball.

Zach Ertz had a catch rate of 44.4% vs MIN in week 6. That is a statistical anomaly compared to his career average of 68.7%.

Alshon Jeffery’s catch rate has been 75% or higher in the 3 of 4 games he’s played.

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Dude, I love the info. Thank you.
I’m not so worry about those two.
They’re the only ones that have been consistent- as your numbers have shown.

I’m considering starting Wentz now.

I’m glad I stuck to Josh Allen.


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Yeah, that did not go as expected AT ALL!

My take away is that Eagles are a dicey team to make predictions on ROS.

I’m in Philadelphia, Eagles fan, I want nothing to do with this team right now.
Fantasy- still value, as a team jeez- burning garbage!

This week I’m def playing Josh Allen over Wentz.

At this point in the season and looking at the next 5 weeks of games is Wentz droppable for some waiver candy or some sneaky pickups?

My buddy has him in another league and he says he’s doing that. I can’t get myself to do that yet. And not because I’m an eagles fan but I’m def starting Allen the next couple weeks.