Wentz or Watson?

20 round 10 man league 6pt passing td

Wentz in the 19th
Watson in the 15th

Wentz, by a lot

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Deshaun Watson for us. It’s a small sample size from last year, but his pts/game was off the charts. Both coming off major injuries, but Watson’s skill set and #s were mesmerizing.

I prefer Watson.

If you think Wentz isn’t going to be healthy to start the year, you go Watson…

I personally go Wentz. The Texans aren’t going to throw it as often as the Eagles are, and Watson’s #'s were propped up by the sheer number of long touch downs he threw. Those numbers are unsustainable while Wentz tended to spread the ball around and was hyper efficient with sneak ground game.

If they were in the same round I’d still take Wentz, but 4 rounds later I wouldn’t even think about it.

I don’t think Wentz is going to be healthy to start the season.

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I would prefer Wentz even if he misses a few weeks. I’ll stream for a few weeks. Watch the film. He was much better overall.

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I won’t ever begrudge an owner from selecting who he or she thinks is the better season long performer. I may not agree with the decision but Watson was a serious fantasy contributor when he was on the field last year, so it’s not like you’re suggesting that you’d keep Flacco instead hahah.

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My comments do not reflect talent, opportunity or career. I simply don’t think Wentz will be healthy in 2018. I think Watson will score more points in 2018 despite regression.

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I think some of us are just more bullish than others. While I think Wentz is under center in week one, I can see how concerns around him starting the season on the sidelines would dissuade you from making the decision.

Bottom line is you’re in good shape either way… unless of course you’re like Midas and all the QBs you draft blow out their knees… just kidding :wink:

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