Wentz or Wilson rest of season?

I currently have Wentz (had both at one point) but the league mate with Wilson wants to make a trade straight up… should I keep Wentz or take the trade? Who has more value ROS? Or should I try to make a trade of Wentz and McFadden or Baldwin for Wilson and aaron jones? Or just stand pat? Thanks sorry for the rant of questions

I think Wilson is a better ROS QB. If you can bait him into giving you more - do it

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Thank you the Only worry I have with it is that I have Graham as a TE and currently Baldwin as a bye week fill in flex and I don’t know if trust Seattle offense enough to complete that stack

I would keep Wentz if your playoffs are weeks 14-16 just because the match up are more favorable for Wentz.

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R.WILSON all the way, keep Wentz as a backup.

On top of that you will get 6 points per TD that Russell Wilson throws compared to his 4 points per TD. So you would have a huge advantage over your opponent.