Wentz Replacement

If Wentz is out for the season who do you pick up in replacement my options are Cutler, Flaco, Bortles, Brisette or Foles
I can’t believe this happen during the playoffs.

In the same situation my friend and it definitely hurts. I think personally I’m gonna grab bortles and Foles (I have 2 guys I can cut) I think they have the best matchups and talent available to succeed. I have Winston Marriott and jimmy g in waivers but I’m leaning these 2 for weeks 16&17. Best of luck my man, In Wentz We Trust!

Bortles, no question. Look at his playoff schedule. He also has not been terrible, particularly recently, and has the best group of weapons of anyone you listed.

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Foles has better weapons, by far… however you are right as bortles most likely deserves the priority

Same for me. Bortles, Stafford, foles and garrapalo are available. I’m thinking of prioritizing them in that order. Or is stafford the guy?

First off, I don’t even consider Foles an real option, because he’s not good at all, but I’m not expecting Ertz to play. I also think Westbrook is a star and the other two WRs are much better than Agholor and Hollins). Another weapon that Bortles has that Foles doesn’t would be his legs. To be honest with you, I don’t think this is that close, once you bring the schedule into it.

The schedule is really your only argument, with due respect of course. I don’t know if you just haven’t watched Eagles football, which most people haven’t of course. Foles is by no means Russell wilson, or Wentz for that matter, however the kid can scramble and use his legs if he has to. I.E. the 9 yard scramble in the 4th quarter yesterday. Ertz more than likely will play, as he was running routes pre game and decided to sit out, even though the protocol was cleared. I was in attendance. The weapon debate doesn’t really seem to make sense, so if you could touch on that I would be appreciative. Alshon Jeffrey is far and beyond the best talent in either group as a wide receiver and with Nelson’s improvements this year I think he gets the edge over Westbrook or Lee. Those 2 would get the edge over Hollins, and both are good options which is the main point. What I was and am trying to hit on, is that in a competitive league such as my own, Bortles is the more popular play and may be claimed. He definitely has the track record and recency, which will undoubtedly give him the edge and I can’t argue that. But to discredit and mark Foles as anything g less than a sleeper would simply be foolish. Philly has the number 1 or 2 seed to play for with a very favorable schedule to wrap up the season and some great weapons who can make him look and produce even more than we expect. All I’m saying is prepare for everything and instead of getting screwed by a 3 point performance consider your options, and play your best odds. Hope this helps, and no disrespect has been intended. Bless you all, and Fly Eagles Fly!! :eagle::eagle:

I’ve watched nearly every snap they’ve played, at least offensively. We’ll have to agree to disagree and see what happens. I’m sorry to say it, but I expect a expect a rather precipitous drop off for the offense as a whole.

As for the weapons, I have to admit that I’ve been bullish on Westbrook and have never been a Jeffrey fan, so maybe that’s just my bias coming through. If Ertz is practicing, then I was just misinformed. Heard some things earlier today that made me think he was still out. That certainly makes a difference.

If you think Agohlor is better than either Lee or Westbrook, you haven’t been paying attention. He’s not even close.

Also, Foles absolutely does not move anywhere near as well as Wentz, and Wentz making plays with his legs (both behind the line of scrimmage, as well as beyond it) is an enormous part of that offense.

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You hit on some really good points and overall I do agree with you mainly. You may have heard some news about Ertz that I missed I just literally saw him running routes pre game and he was limited in practice on Thursday and Friday last week. I’m like an insane eagles fan lol just been living out in Cali the last couple years. And I would understand that on the Jeffery bias, whether you love him or hate him what he brings in terms of talent and taking pressure off the rest of the receiving core as a whole is unmatched. Realistically it took me a lot to unhate Nelson Agohlar, so you may actually be right when you preference lee and Westbrook over him, but his improvement cannot be under stated. Anyways after my dumb Philly rant lol, main point is I personally believe both are good options with bortles getting the edge because of his work to this point this season, but Foles definitely deserves solid sleeper consideration. Best of luck to you!

I think all the FF analyst have Foles ranked higher than he really should be this week. It seems they have thrown caution to wind in hoping for a gamble that Foles and the Eagles will score plenty vs a bad Giants team even tho it is still a divison game and will probably be a slug fest. Bortles and Flacco are safer than Foles this week. Foles definitely is a sleeper but I would still give it a week. I have watched Wentz run around alot this season to make big plays and keep drives alive. Foles will not be doing that like Wentz of course. Plus if the Eagles win this week and secure 1st place then the following week Foles and the starters will either be rested or not play the full game?

Well, I hope you were right, because I didn’t get Bortles. Now I have to choose between Jimmy G and Foles.

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I get it man fortunately I came away with both bortles and Foles. I think jimmy G and Foles both have good matchups this week especially… I lean Foles slightly because I feel like his weapons can do more for him (dump off that turns into a 60 yard TD). Also next week 2 big negatives facing both players… Jimmy G plays Jax D which is never good, and if Philly wins and the Vikings lose we would clinch the #1 overall seed and not have much to play for to close out the season. Best of luck and bring home that title!

The rest if my team may be good enough anyway. I think I’m going with Jimmy this week and Files next week, at least for now.


I want to put jimmy in but cant decide if him or stafford is the right call. leaning jimmy as of wednesday…

I’m in the same boat, but being #1 in my league, I have last waiver priority. So, the above options are gone. What are your thoughts about the 3 options below that are still available?


Ah man those are rough… I want to say Tyrod but can’t because the weather in Buffalo (that’s why I dropped him) so wth that being said I lean Flacco. He seems to always have at least some success against Cleveland and Baltimore still has a lot to play for. It’s not pretty but it will get the job done. I also need some help at WR2 this week. Currently have Alshon Jeffery in but would you play him, Mike Evans (vs. Atlanta), or Davante Adams (Rodgers back, vs. Carolina) standard scoring…

I like your input throughout just watch what the eagles clinch this week if they do, because Foles would be useless week 16. Also I’m having a tough time at WR2 and would like to hear your thoughts… currently have Alshon Jeffery slotted in, but should I play him, Mike Evans (vs. Atlanta), or Davante Adams (Rodgers back, vs. Carolina)? This is standard scoring… thanks!