Wentz trade

I’ll trade funchess, coleman and mixon to recieve Wentz and alvin kamara

qb: a dalton
rb: hunt coleman mckinon mxion hyde ajayi a morris
wr j nelson t hill crabtree funchess
te h henry j doyle

Looks like a good trade but id be worried about you wr depth

yeah I really like it, plus I’m thinking he gets a Primary receiver and a primary RB and as solid as Kamara is he’s still a backup but Wentz’s playoff stretch is really appealing and I’m hurting at Qb streaming hasn’t gone well

Looks like a good trade. Only possible hit would be how good Funchess produces now that Benjamin is out of the way. If the red rifle is your only option and QB’s are scarce seems like a good move

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I got him to add Sanu to the trade too was thinking to shoot for juju but I think Sanu’s really solid. I don’t have THAT much confidence in Funchess’ possible increase in production just because he’s never had the top Corners shadowing him plus the return of Olsen has me skeptical, but yeah it’ll suck if he ends up being really good

I think over all that will help your team more than hurt it. Wentz is on a mission. Can’t wait to see how he does on Sunday.

Ok so the guy backed out last minute says he’ll need a wr1 to feel good about this trade

So he countered with

I give up Hunt and Crabtree and I get Wentz and let L. Bell

That’ll leave me with hill Jordy Funchess and c Davis at WR nobody I feel good about think id have to trade away some of my RB value to upgrade my WR
Should I take this?

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