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Wentz v Prescott


I managed to scoop up Wentz a few weeks ago in my standard league off the waivers.

Week 8 has both QB with amazing match ups, who would you start?


I want those sweet sweet Eagles v 49ers points… Josh Norman may be back as well for Redskins.

Hey can you take a look at my post? Offered trade of Peterson for Cousins


Wentz. He just has the offense humming right now. Ezekiel Elliot could take a few touchdowns away from Dak.


I’m not a member and can’t message, but I’m not hot on Peterson. Maybe see how he fairs this week or if you think you won’t miss your QB, offer anyway


I have Dak as my other QB. I have Hunt, Abdullah, Kamara and Buck Allen. They also have Zeke but don’t know if i want to play that game…


I had both also. Wound up packaging Wentz and Fitz for Julio (pre Palmer injury). Would recommend trading Wentz with his current value


I got Julio and Ertz in a trade for Gronk and McKinnon


I don’t think it’s a bad idea to package Wentz and your weakest starting RB or WR for an upgrade at that position you’re trading away… if that makes sense


A guy had Howard, should I apply that advice and make an offer using Wentz?


Not a bad idea at all. If you could get him on Wentz+Abdullah for Howard thats robbery.