Wentz value?

What is Wentz dynasty value moving forward. I need a second QB on my dynasty roster and thinking of making a trade with the current owner. The current owner has mahomes and Baker and says he’ll trade Wentz. He needs RB help. I’m thinking of offering Derrick Henry. Trade calculator says Henry is worth much more. What’s everyone’s opinion on Wentz and Henry’s value. Was Henry’s late season heroics just luck, or could he finally be the RB he was supposed to be? Thanks everyone

If Wentz can stay healthy and maintain that 5-5.5% TD ratio he will be a solid dynasty QB for years and we’ve glimpsed the ceiling of course as a viable top 3-5 QB weekly and on the year if things line up for him.

After the Saffold signing by the Titans I’m slightly more intrigued by Henry this year in that they are adding run blocking guys to the line and if he gets 18+ carries a week he could be a RB1 this year. How are you set at RB aside from Henry and who else do you have at QB/do you start one QB or two QB? Also PPR or non-PPR?

Jackson returning helps him a lot I think. They have struggled with the other guys they have tried to put in his place, be it them being a little past prime, or injured.

Goff is my other startable Qb. Only 1 QB. RBs are CMC, cook, tevin Coleman, foreman, Royce Freeman. Full ppr

I think with CMC, Cook and now Coleman at the niners you can afford to trade Henry, I think Freeman could be useful this year too so you have depth at RB.

I wouldn’t give up more than Henry though from that core for a QB though you look pretty well set up without seeing your WR/TE core.

If you have Goff, there’s no reason to acquire a second higher end QB in a 1QB league. Just get a much cheaper option like a Rivers for really touch matchups and bye week

I would usually agree but in a dynasty format i’d rather have two QBs and with Wentz’s value depressed right now so, getting him in at a value if he can return to form this season you’ll have potentially a better starter than Goff anyway and/or a much more valuable trade chip(s) with two young and good starting QBs.

He only averaged just under two points less than Goff on a per game basis last year in 6pt passing formats. Goff is a safe low end QB1 for sure but Wentz has the upside we saw in 2017 to be a top 5 caliber guy, i think in dynasty that’s worth taking a shot at IMO.

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Keenan, Hopkins, Humphrey’s, Crabtree, petis, Allison,
TE cook and hurst
Trying to trade for njoku also from the Wentz owner

I like the WR core, TE is a weakness you’re right to be on the hunt for one but i’d be cautious about trading much if anything for Njoku after the OBJ trade. There are a lot of mouths - well paid and demanding mouths in OBJ and Landry for targets plus with Chubb and Hunt (if/when back) i think it could make Njoku slightly volatile week to week as to whether he gets his or not.

Hurst might make progress this year after a full post season of health, they invested draft capital in him and Cook may well sign somewhere that allows you to stream the two of them. Some interesting rookies coming through as well who could be worth a shot if they go to a good spot.

I wonder if your leagues Engram owner is concerned at all? I would be inclined to ask after him and see what the price might be tbh. TE is your clear position of need and while Wentz could and would be a great addition if you could get a top 4/5 TE in there you should be competing for the ship IMO

I got Wentz and njoku for Henry and the 3.08 rookie pick. I do have some of the worries with njoku but TE is so thin I figured it’s worth a shot

It’s not bad value for Henry, the 3.08 is just a lottery ticket and Wentz and Njoku will have longer term value than Henry.

Plus having two solid or better TEs and QB1s will have far more trade value if you wanted to move one again. I like the trade :+1:t2:

I am selling Wentz anywhere I can tbh. As good as he is, he can’t stay healthy for the life of him and after his injuries last year, he isn’t even remotely the same dual threat QB that he was in his rookie/sophmore seasons. Someone in my league just old me about on offer they got of Wentz + 2020 1st for Josh Allen / Trubisky / Crowder/ 3rd. As someone who absolutely hates Allen and Trubisky as real life QBs, I don’t think their teams will ever win a SB with them, but from a fantasy perspective, if you play your matchups, they’re super effective.

IMO, the Allen/Trubisky side of that trade wins slightly. Even without Crowder/3rd which in my eyes are throw aways. I don’t see Wentz value ever rebounding.