Wentz vs dalton

I have both on my roster right now, what are some opinions on who I should run with if I need to drop one of them?

Dalton, has probably the juiciest slate of matchups coming up after miami with Steelers, Chiefs, TB, bye and NO and the team looks pretty solid. On the other hand, Wentz gets Vikings, giants, panthers, jags, bye, dallas.

In a single QB league, I personally don’t like to roster 2 QBs until closer to playoffs.

In the short term, I’d rather have Dalton. In the long term / playoffs, I’d rather have Wentz. So really depends on your needs/record/roster comp.

how about this one? GOFF or Dalton? just roll out King Goffrey every week, even the bye week, because of how good the offense is?