We're FULL, sorry. 12 Team, Dynasty Startup, Auction, SF, PPR, $150 entry fee

The title should tell you all you need to know about league format. This is a new league that will hopefully be competitive and long lasting. Expect there to be plenty of action in both the message boards and the trading block. Trades will be allowed unless there is collusion, owners will make shitty trades, just try to be on the winning side of those trades. Major rule changes will need to be by 2/3 majority. Let’s have fun and try to kick each other’s ass!

Legacy Builders

Can’t attach the league constitution, though I linked the league in Sleeper down below, but here’s a lot of the pertinent settings:

Payout Structure
• 1st Place: $700.00 with 10 teams
• 2nd Place: $375.00 with 10 teams
• 3rd Place: $200.00 with 10 teams
• 4th Place: $100.00 with 10 teams
• Weekly Prizes $25.00 per week, 14 weeks

This is a Super-Flex Dynasty league. Starting lineup consists of QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE, RB/WR/TE, and QB/RB/WR/TE. Roster consists of 10 starting positions and 16 bench spots, plus a Taxi squad of 4 players consisting of 1st or 2nd year players. Each TD is worth 6 points. Each rush is worth .2 points. Each reception by a non-TE is worth 1 point, and a reception by at TE is worth 1.5 points. Everything else is standard format, but is subject to change if decided upon by the majority of the league.

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I’m interested. Is this on Sleeper? Any bylaws?

Legacy Builders on Sleeper Sorry, I thought this was shared with the initial post. Don’t do important things at 3:30am, lesson learned.

Do you still have spots left? This sounds like exactly what I’m looking for! I’m new to dynasty but not to fantasy and I’ve been studying up on dynasty so I shouldn’t be too much of a noob! My I’d on Sleeper is BillyDelyon

Sorry, we just filled up.