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West or Gurley


Definitely rolling out Shady and Lynch. I just am undecided on rollin Gurley or West out. Standard league.


I would play Gurley


Gurley for me. I know a lot of people are down on him but he is safe because of the volume and also the uptick in passing work he will see this season.


I wouldn’t sit Gurley - think both his floor and upside are much higher than that of West. That being said, not a bad choice to have as your RB3…


My RB’s are stacked like crazy in this league. What is great is everyone talks a lot of smack but are pretty weak at RB. My RB’s are Shady, Gurley, Lynch, West, Abdullah, and Rawls. Someone dropped Sammy Watkins for J.J. Nelson too. I scooped him up immediately hahaha


i really like the volume Gurley is getting, he will be a safety blanket checkdown as well. I go Gurley until he shows us not to.